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What's the Best Time of Year to Replace Your Roof?

What makes good roofing conditions?

Weather. It is completely possible to complete a roof replacement during the Winter season, however, the process may take longer due to snowstorms, hail, or temperature drops during the job.

In terms of the job itself, roofing can be done any time of the year. Nonetheless,

it is recommended homeowners carefully plan and time their decision based on their comfortability and budget. Excel Roofing and other roofing companies are willing to work and communicate to come up with a plan that will favor both parties.

Warmer temperatures with little to no rain are preferable since it allows more mobility for roofers and speeds up the process. Your comfort matters too. The time you pick to replace your home's roof should be safe and capable for you.


Freezing temperatures, snowstorms, blizzards, and hail. Winter isn't the most optimal time of year to work on exterior house projects for these obvious reasons.

The materials used in replacing a roof can also be damaged due to weather conditions, leading to postponing the date of completion. Be that as it may, if you were to experience roofing issues during Winter, we advise you to take action quickly rather than wait for the season to end.


Heading from Winter into Spring, many homeowners start to notice damages throughout their homes. It could've started with a self-roof inspection that led to the realization that perhaps a siding piece is missing, or the discovery of some leakage through the roof after the snow has melted.

If you find yourself in this position, there is no need to worry. Spring is a great season to work on exterior projects as well. With the upcoming busy season on its way, the price tends to be pocket-friendly for homeowners during this time of year.


The sun shines bright, there are clear skies, and the days are much longer!

Summer is the most popular time of year to work on any home exterior projects.

We're sure there's a neighbor getting their roof worked on around your neighborhood right now! This is all thanks to consistently warm temperatures, little to no rain, and light wind! All advantages of good roofing conditions.

This tends to be the busiest time of year for many roofing companies as well, so while they might be more accessible, many raise their prices to meet their high demand.

Remember though, as we head into late Summer, we start to see more rain, heavy winds, some storms, and more humidity. So, the sooner in the season, the better it is for roofers and you.

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