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4 Common House Damages To Look For Heading Into Spring 2022

Being a local in Minnesota, one knows that we can’t head into the lovely Spring weather without running into a second winter full of strong winds, hailstorms, spotty rain showers, and of course some more snow. Surely enough, homeowners have been preparing for the new season by inspecting the exterior of their homes. Here are 4 things we recommend homeowners look at around their home to ensure nothing is wrong and it is up to date.

Roof Damage

Your home’s roof can be exposed to damage during the winter. If it is left unattended or unnoticed, you may be at risk of cleaning up water damage. Strong winds and hailstorms are destructive to your roof depending on the size and speed from which they fall from. Shingles could be displaced or completely missing in the aftermath. If that’s the case, it’s better to act now and get it replaced.

Siding Damage

Weather conditions such as heavy wind and hailstorms will also create warping, discoloration, or peeling of your home’s siding. Paint can also be peeled enough to the point where moister breaches through and cause the interior wood to begin rotting. It’s best to inspect your home safely and act quickly if you happen to notice any indication of damage.

Window Damage

The incoming hailstorms put your windows at risk. Without proper observation, you are now at risk of losing your money due to cost inefficacy. Take a lap and inspect. You might find your windows to appear foggy, airy, cracked, or perhaps loosened. This not only allows outside air to seep into the house but also causes heating inefficacy inside your home and costs you more money on your heating and energy bill.


With all this recent snow and hail, your gutters have been gaining some over time. The constant freezing to melting weather doesn’t help either. There is a chance your gutters may have been damaged throughout the season and aren’t in the best working conditions.

These damages can get worse over time. Excel Roofing specializes in all these categories, and we offer free consultation and inspections to homeowners. We recommend inspecting your home in both the Fall and Spring season to locate any flaws that could affect your home’s condition. Remember that taking care of a small problem can stop a more extensive one down the line.

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