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Ensuring roof longevity with Excel Roofing

Correct me if I'm wrong but every homeowner can agree: your new roof should last as long as possible, without having to waste more money on repairs.

Excel Roofing agrees that it should be a standard within the roofing industry to provide a roof with a long life.

We often get asked by many homeowners things like "how is a long roof life possible?" "how long should my roof last?" "I just got my roof done, why should I need to get it done again?"

Excel Roofing can guarantee a long roof life with our reputation, product choice, proper installation method, and warranties. Let us explain:

  1. We are a professional, reputable roofing contractor that has been in business for 28 years. We only perform quality work and our Google reviews of satisfied customers can back that claim.

  2. We only use quality products. Sure, some companies may buy the cheapest product to save money, but it's the homeowner that ends up paying in the long run with a lack of quality. Here at Excel Roofing, we would never want to put that on a homeowner!

  3. We install everything by the book and take no shortcuts. In the long run, shortcuts can end up costing a fortune more. This is why, at Excel Roofing, we prefer to do it right the first time.

    1. For example, underlayment is a code requirement in Minnesota. This underlayment helps prevent possible damage from rain and snow. Some companies choose to opt-out. Excel Roofing thinks that is a scary thought for all roofs, especially in this Minnesota weather!

  4. We offer a lifetime workmanship warranty! Most roofing companies only offer a 5 or 10 year warranty.

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